Chapter 1: Chaos in Saard, Episode 4

Sabatine the 19th, 1216

One of the fleshless lunatics jumped toward Face. Face stepped to the side to avoid the wild attack, narrowly missing the biting and clawing of the frantic man now in front of him. Another lept from the darkness directly at Gramorn, who lunged his blade forward, straight through the madman’s jaw and upward through his skull. Another screetching lunatic crawled along the ceiling to position himself directly over Gramorn and Face as they battled the fleshless leaping horrors.

Valentia stared at the ominous altar in disbelief as it spewed a dense red mist across the floor. She approached the altar and began opening the stone vessel containing a crumpled sheet of paper, which she could see with her Witchsight. She exerted herself a bit trying to open an ancient vessel which had likely not been opened in quite some time. The lid popped off, and she dug into it to retrieve the ancient note.

Lanis the King, we were betrayed. To all who read, let the Sun guide the way.

She thought for a moment before realizing the danger if her situation. The room was becoming enveloped in the scarlet mist and the altar began trembling. Small bits of rock began to fall from the ceiling. Valentia glanced at the two remaining vessels. A dented tin vessel and a copper coated container, a small rock in one and a pouch in the other.

Meanwhile, the fleshless monsters continued their attack upon Face and Gramorn. One left arched itself onto Face’s neck and held him in place while another managed to move around his rear and remove his helmet, exposing his veiny neck.

Although the screeching creature had nt gone unnoticed, it managed to drop down upon Gramorn unexpectedly, dropping m down on his back while the lunatic tore at his armor to get to his neck. Face bore their attacks, thanking his Smith’s excellent work for such a protective set of armor. He slipped free of the maniac’s grip and and swing his club down low, shattering it’s knee cap which forced it down on the ground where it bled and unleashed a garbled moan.

Back in the mist filled room, Valentia saw a pinhole sized opening in the far wall. Light. She frantically removed the dirt and roots that covered the small hole. The beam of light illuminated the copper vessel on the altar. She forced open the aging vessel and removed a raw yellow crystal. It faintly glowed under the sunlight. She tried to pocket the stone, but noticed it lost its glow once removed from the light. She decided to leave it in the light for a moment, which is when she heard scratching and heavy breathing coming from the other end of the room, the only way out.

After Face forced distance between the two creatures assaulting him, one of them managed to run past and head on into the crevice towards Valentia.

Valentia prepared her saber for the man coming down the crevice. It emerged, revealing its disgusting, fleshy countenance. She swing her weapon, but the lunatic grabbed her weapon and flung it aside, immediately disarming her. It let out a victorious screech as she defended herself from it’s scratching attacks.

The mist had now culminated into a form not unlike a man, only much larger. The towering form quickly burst into flames. A Salamander formed from the mist, a fiery elemental wielding a whip. The Salamander shot out a blast of fire directly at both Valentia and the creature. The fleshless creature melted under the intense heat, leaving nothing but an ashen body. Valentia managed to throw herself out of the blast at the last second, but now she was weaponless, on the floor, and at the mercy of this giant flaming creature.

Just as the Salamander was launching another flaming attack, the yellow stone basking in the sunlight responded to the sunlight. It created a syphon, tapping into the Salamander’s energy. The elemental was sucked into the stone, now burning with a bright core. All this occured as Valentia made her way out of the room, burning her hands on the scorched rock walls of the crevice.

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