Bastion’s Rebellion

At the turn of the new era 1E, the Delmond Council decided to abolish the slavery of the Lizard-Folk races, the Ophidians and Agamids. With a final vote of 7-5, it was not a hugely popular decision. Many of the Northern cities such as Bedford and Lyre complied with the new mandate, but Sandford and Ravenrook were hard pressed against it. The General at the time, Florence Bastion, led a rebellion against the Council that lasted a few months before being quelled by the force of the rest of the Republic’s forces and militia

After the Rebellion, known as Bastion’s Rebellion, Lizardfolk throughout the Republic were released and granted 50 Silver Mares a piece and then allowed to live in specific areas of Ravenrook. Some Lizardfolk resented their former masters, but many, having never known a free life after generations of servitude, did their best to survive in their new life.

Today, 104 years after Bastion’s Rebellion, many Lizardfolk still occupy the lower ends of Delmond Society. Many live in poorer parts of Ravenrook and even more survive through illegitimate means, which has given people the impression that Ophidians and Agamids cannot be trusted and are liars and thieves.

Saren (Ophidian)

However, Saren, an Ophidian who survived Bastion’s Rebellion, led many Lizard-Folk to seek independence outside of Ravenrook’s walls. After getting the Council to grant them land (that they must pay tax on) Saren and his followers occupied the swamp a few miles outside of Ravenrook. Although Saren is long dead, his people named their home after him, “Sarren-Hiras”, translated to “Saren’s Swamp” in their tongue.

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