Hekata, Goddess of Passage

Hekata, Goddess of Passage and a member of The Trinity, is the Guardian of Spirits and facilitates the passage of Spirits from Numinith to The Beyond. Although Ynera is the Mother of Living Spirts, it is Hekata that owns the spirits. Hekata however, cannot retrieve the Spirits on her own, she must wait for their Spirits to return to her domain on their own. Once the body has died, the Spirit will hear the Summoning Bells, a ghostly chime that calls all roaming Spirits to Hekata’s domain for passage to The Beyond.

Hekata is worshipped as the Goddess of Death, Passage, the Afterlife, and of Peace. She ultimately grants the final everlasting peace to every Spirit so prayers are said in her name at funerals, births, weddings, and are invoked during War and Peace Treaties.

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