Reylin, God of Power

Reylin, The God of Power, is part of The Trinity of Godhood. He is known as the Father of Numinith, and Protector of Man. Reylin is known for his strong will and intolerance of injustice and weakness. Many of his followers are those who seek to take their fortune and futures in their own hands. For this reason, Reylin is often revered by young men seeking to leave their mark on the world and by Kings and Merchants who have earned their power through hard work and aggression.

But Reylin also represents perseverance and diligence in duty. Republic soldiers and guards take the same Oath that Clerics and Paladins of Reylin take when sworn in to duty. In Republic court proceedings, Reylin’s name is invoked to call upon Justice and Truth in their judgements. Reylin is representative of strength, vigilance, justice, and fortitude.

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