The Republic of Delmond

The Republic of Delmond is run by a Senate comprised of two Senators from each of the largest cities in the Republic. These Senators are elected democratically, thus, there is a Council of Twelve Senators that create and pass any laws within the Republic.

Each city has a responsibility of enforcing any laws mandated by the Council. However, the Council elects a General to lead the Republic’s armies. The General is also responsible for quelling any rebellions, riots and any cities that refuse to obey the mandated laws without just reason. The General of the Republic resides in Ravenrook, where most of the Republics troops are garrisoned.

The Republic was first created in the year 590D by a man named Harmond Delmond. He united the unstable cities against the Reptilian natives (known as Ophidians & Agamids) and eventually defeated them. Delmond and his men decimated the but left a few to work as slaves for the newfound Republic. This slavery continued for the next 410 years. In the new era 1E, the Council voted to free the Ophidians & Agamids from their servitude and granted them sub-par homes in the slums of Ravenrook where they are harshly discriminated against.

Delmond Culture

Delmond citizens have a high respect and appreciation of horses. In fact, the Republics banners are adorned with a rearing warhorse and their currency has stallions, mares and foals as a standard. There are many horse trainers and breeders throughout the Republic, many of which take great pride in their art.

The Republic of Delmond

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