Ynera, Mother of Numinith

Ynera, Mother of Numinith, and member of The Trinity, is worshipped as the mother of all life on Numinith. She created the living spirit that provides the lives that all beings enjoy. Although she is the creator of the Spirit, Ynera gifted the Spirit to Hekata. However, Ynera granted these Spirits a corporeal form to toil on the physical land created by Reylin. In this way, Ynera unites all beings with the Trinity. Born of Spirit granted by Ynera, all beings toil and work the lands created by Reylin and assume a mastery of the Runes, then when their life has ended, they are united with Hekata, who escorts their Spirit to The Beyond. For this reason, Ynera is seen as the center of the Trinity and the mother of life.

Ynera is called Earth Mother, Mother, Creator, and sometimes simply as Numinith. Ynera’s name is invoked in times of hardship, to alleviate natural disasters, and in prayers of the hearth. Most families have a small shrine over the hearth of their homes to Ynera where they keep a candle light burning for her.

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