The Order of the Seven Fold

Numinith is home to many cults and organizations. The Order of the Seven Fold is one of the many. Created by a John, a player in my current campaign, for his character Aerson, The Order of the Seven Fold seeks to unlock the secrets of the Soul and understanding of Hekata’s Realm.

Order of the Seven Fold Path


The Order of the Seven Fold Path, is a monastic group devoted to the freeing and elevating of the spirit by opening the seven sealed gates of the soul. Each gate represents an experience which dramatically changes a person, for the better or worse.

To the Life: To follow a pursuit to the level of passion. To find peace in an action.

To the Shame: To suffer great regret and to free oneself of guilt.

To the Joy: To find true happiness in the most dire of situations.

To the Feign: To discern the truth when surrounded by lies, to see with eyes unclouded.

To the Hope: To commit to one’s convictions, no matter how futile.

To the Death: To abandon mortality for the fulfilment of a cause.

To the Pain: To endure internal turmoil, but to remain steadfast.

With the opening of one gate, the gateway to the inner core is open, and with it, the Seven Fold Path becomes accessible. In the Pursuit of opening these gates, the members have devoted themselves to a creed which provides the catalyst for the events to occur. The order travels to distant locations, acting as abjurers of violence and corruption. From integrating themselves as aids to people of power to remove corrupt officials, to traveling doctors who aid the common man, to fierce warriors who seek out sources of chaos and evil and extinguish them. All members strive for the gates in their own fashion. The main sanctum of the order is near the base of Auroch Mountain in the Scattered Valley. Here information flows in and out from those on travels and members collaborate to quell large scale confrontations, before they occur. Here members also share skills among each other in an effort to open To the Life.


The Order comprises of an inner sanctum and their disciples. The members of the inner sanctum collaborate and manage those under them as they see fit. In total, there are 446 Aspirant, 312 Students, 193 Disciples, 43 masters, and 3 sages. All members of the Order are bound by a Geas which upholds the integrity and unity of the Order.


Allowance into the order is by invitation only, but this can be done by any member. Members typically only invite those who are likely to adhere to the creed of the Order and those who have already open a gate by their life experiences, especially those who have opened To the Pain, or To the Shame, as these are the hardest to intentionally open. Initiatives are then tested of the peak of Auroch Mountain, where their convictions and vices are laid bare. It is here that the final decision is made, usually by one of the inner sanctum. Whoever accepts him is directly responsible as his teacher; however, they often direct the responsibility to one of their other Disciples.


  1. Members must not inflict grievances on another (violence, theft, assault, deception, etc.)
  2. Members must not bring shame on the order by blatantly breaking the creed (harming innocents, aiding in wrongdoings, aligning with agents of chaos and evil.)
  3. Members should not marry
  4. Members should not accept bribes or rewards
  5. Members should keep in contact with the order by visiting a temple every six months
  6. *the first two restrictions are enforced by a geas, which inflicts three levels of fatigue and drains 9 magic points when broken. For every 3 points past 0, another level of fatigue is inflicted. All Gifts received from The Order are also stripped from them.


Courtesy, perception, willpower, insight, endurance, evade, mysticism (seven fold path), meditation, ride, influence, Lore(geography), First Aid, Healing

Combat Styles:

  • Path of Choosing: unarmed, shortsword, broadsword, longsword (Quick-draw)
  • Path of Ending: Greatsword, glaive (cautious fighter)
  • Path of Seeking: Dagger, Dart, Bow, (Ranged Marksman)
  • Path of Parting: [Still in the works]
  • Path of Bending: unarmed, quarterstaff,…

Cult Rankings:

  • Aspirant: Initiatives to the Order of the Seven Fold who has passed the Trial of Initiation at the peak of Auroch Mountain.
    • Talents: Augment Perception, Augment Athletics, Augment Evasion, Enhance Healing Rate
  • Student: Adept or experienced Aspirants who have achieved the following: Opened at least 2 Gates AND have at least 50% skill in 5 of the Order’s Skills.
    • Talents: Augment Endurance, Augment Willpower, Augment Insight, Invoke Awareness (POW)
  • Disciple: Devotee who has spent considerable time and effort helping the Inner Sanctum fulfill quests for knowledge and sought personal enlightenment. Must have opened at least 3 Gates AND have 4 or more Order Skills at 70% or higher.
    • Talents: Enhance Fatigue, Enhance Action Points, Enhance Movement Rate, Invoke Arrowcut
  • Master: Requirement to be a member of the Inner Sanctum. They organize the members of the Order in order to fight the evil in the world, fulfill quests for Sages, and act as mentors to all ranks below them. Must have opened at least  5 Gates AND have 3 Order Skills at 90% or more.
    • Talents: Augment Paths CS, Enhance Damage Mod, Invoke Indomitable, Invoke Aura (mastery)
  • Sage: Masters of Inner focus and able to project themselves into the Hekata’s Spirit realm. Must have opened all 7 Gates and have 2 Order Skills at 110% or more.
    • Talents: Invoke Featherlight, Invoke Astral Projection, Invoke Life Sense, Invoke Magic Sense

GiftsGifts are treated as Mysticism talents. At the expenditure of Magic Points, the Mystic invokes the following Gifts for the duration of that scenario. The only exception to this rule being the Perfection Gift.

  • Weapon: Specially crafted weapons of the order are attuned to the path of their wielder, and gain traces of their experience: in essence, a learning weapon. When increasing Order combat style, these weapons also gain half the experience. When holding the weapon, faint memories of the past wielders resonate in the mind of the current one.
  • Perfection: Opening the second, fourth, sixth, and seventh gate increase POW by 1.
  • Robust: After opening the third gate, one may endure the trial of the Gateway. Gaining the gift on completion. A astral mist hangs around the body of the affected and pour out of any wound.
  • Mighty: After opening the fifth gate, one may endure the trial of the Voyage. Gaining the gift on completion. Faint line-like tattoos symmetrically cover the body of the affected. They become fully visible in combat
  • Wellspring: After opening the seventh gate, one may endure the trial of the Path. Gaining the gift on completion; Successful meditation checks gain temporary magic points. While meditating, faint patterns emerge from surfaces around the affected. The air in this area smells sweet.

Allies and Enemies:

  • E: Agents of chaos and evil.
  • E: Cults worshiping gods and spirits of destruction and havoc.
  • E: Corrupt rulers.
  • A: Cults worshiping gods and spirits of protection, healing, and justice.
  • A: Guilds which benefit and promote the prosperity of the common man .
  • A: Rulers proven to act in goodwill.

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