Chapter 2: The Color Red Episode 2

Reylin’s 13th, 105E

On the eve of Reylin’s festival, Aerson meets with councilman Brenard Howe to gather more information in what has happened in Lyre in the past few months. Brenard Howe, a veteran of the Republic’s military, reveals that he requested that a Republic investigator help in the mystery, but that he was unsuccessful in uncovering anything pertinent. Once it became clear that Aerson was only trying to help, councilman Howe divulged that he was having a recurring nightmare where a shadow being led a group of children and goats through the doorway of an expensively decorated room. Howe’s description of the Shadow matched what Aerson had seen just the other night…

Meanwhile, Valentia and Lana paid a visit to an imprisoned woman named Brinnie, who apparently was caught stealing from Sool Aberjan’s estate. Lana had it on good word that Brinnie was responsible behind some of the malicious rumors going around about Sool and what his presence had some to the town of Lyre. Valentia some with Brinnie, who revealed that Sool had mentioned a few statues that were of particular note and that the rumors about Sool were created to spark someone’s sympathy to help her make bail. It seems her plan worked. Valentia paid her bail, but before Brinnie left, she told them that if they planned on stealing from Sool, it would be best to do it tomorrow evening, while he would be busy with the festivities.

Valentia and Lana paid a visit to Sool. Upon visiting his estate, Valentia cast Witchsight to investigate further for any unnatural signs. Sool’s man went to bring Sool out to greet them, and just as Sool was walking down the steps, Valentia saw that the statue mounted on top of his doorway was not what it seemed. Beneath the exterior, was a corpse, trapped within the confines of the bronzed statue. Someone had been cast in bronze. Valentia spoke with Sool about the events in town and tried to gather information that she could use to prove his guilt, but he seemed unrelenting. They both left after some time and met up with Aerson to give him the news about the bronzed body within the statue. Valentia was sure that the statue with the corpse in it was the object taken from her family’s vault. She had to retrieve it.

Aerson waited in the night in an empty building near Sool’s estate. He watched for the return of the Shadow creature. Eventually, he caught a glimpse of it down by the lake shore. The creature was walking side by side with a goat. It stared directly at Aerson and brought a finger up to its mouth then let out a hushing sound. Aerson gave chase as it walked along the shore. But by the time he got down to the docks, it had already vanished. He tracked it as best he could, but it was gone… but there were goat tracks. They led north west out of town before they completely faded. Then nothing…

That night, each of them had a nightmare again. Valentia dreamt of a goat with the face of a child, Lana dreamt of a woman being covered in liquid metal, and Aerson dreamt of the Shadow herding children and goats away from an expensively decorated room.

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