The World of Numinith

This is a homebrew world I’ve created. Numinith is home to various sentient species including various human races, elves, dwarves, Lizard folk & Ophidians, Centaurs, and more.

Numinith was created ages ago by the Trinity, a powerful trio of deities. The Trinity is composed of Ynera, the Mother of Numinith, Reylin, the God of Power, and Hekata, Goddess of Passage. They introduced the magical runes into the world of Numinith by which everything is formed from.

Most of the population of Numinith are humans, since they procreate quickly and live short lifespans. Pockets of longer lived races can be found throughout Numinith, but many societies also accept various races as part of their population without prejudice, however, this is not always the case.

Please see the current and past campaigns that occurred in Numinith below:

Trinity – Adventures in Numinith