The World of Ynera


Ynera is an ancient world filled with people of all types, from the humble farmers and tailors of the village of Bedford to the cold barbaric lands of Heldor and beyond. The world is vastly unexplored, and only a few large empires exist througout the world with the Republic of Delmond being the most notable.

Magic is a rare and dangerous art that only well trained individuals can possess. The channeling of the ancient Runes was a tradition passed to mortals from the Gods themselves, but through the years, people found ways of circumventing the limitations on magic placed by Theistic traditions. From their betrayal emerged dark arts that tapped into the Runes through deals with demons, evil rituals, and spiritual power rather than communing with the Gods themselves. Since the creation of these “loopholes” in magical power, the Gods have shunned all but the most devout and worthy mortals. Rains stopped, the Earth cracked, and natural disasters occured all across Ynera herself. After years of punishment, it came to be across all civilizedlands that any magic performed without the blessing of a God was forbidden and punishable by death.

 This universal law was abided by most to prevent the wrath of the Gods, but there are still a few who practice the dark arts that mortalscreated so long ago…



Ynera is named after the Goddess of the land and balance. She is the one who balances all the other forces of nature and all the other Gods themselves, bringing an eb and flow to Ynera. It is because of her that life exists. If not for her, the world would be too chaotic to function, or too ordered to stagnant. There are 11 other Gods, a total of 12, that are recognized by most civilized cultures.

The largest empire in the known world is the Republic of Delmond, an expansive Republic that spreads almost the entireity of the northwestern continent of Delmar, named after Harmon Delmar, the founder of the Republic.The Republic has a Roman kind of vibe, with their military being trained in the use of spears and have tight unit formations when in combat. Delms (people from the Republic of Delmar) are known to be ambitious and highly educated. Even the lowliest peasant in the Republic is at least semi-literate due to a high importance placed on understanding laws and highly involved process of electing delegates from each region to represent constituents in the Senate.

To the East is the independent Holds of Heldor. A cold land, her people reflect that with old traditions and a disdain for the Republic’s influence. Heldorian culture is similar to that of Vikings. There are three Holds in Heldor: Northreach, Stonerest, and Frosthold. Each of them govern themselves, but are loosely tied in allegiance against greater threats.

There are a number of other lands with interesting people and cultures that will be continually added to this page as I develop them. I like to set up a barebones world then dive into it with my players and flesh it out together. There will be posts on Ynera and the various peoples, cultures, cults, and locations that can be found within. The posts can be found either by searching in the search box, clicking articles tagged with Ynera on this page, or by browsing through the Lore or Adventure Resource categories.