What is Swords & Stones?

Swords and Stones is a site that I use to post adventure logs of any tabletop rpgs I am currently running as well as a localized place to post ideas for campaign settings, adventures, questlines, creatures, and anything else that may be a resource to myself or to others looking for tabletop resources.

I am a huge fan of the RuneQuest 6 system, now known as Mythras, so most of my content will be about that system. This does not limit the usefulness of the information, as much of it will be system agnostic. I plan on using this site to develop ideas and atmosphere rather than talk about rules and mechanics, although if and when I do post about a mechanic, it will likely be about a d100 system like RuneQuest.

Feel free to browse and take any and all content as you wish. This site is for all to enjoy and participate in. Thanks for reading. 🙂