The Brotherhood of Reylin

The Brotherhood is a cult devoted to the worship and teachings of the God Reylin. Worshippers of Reylin value hard work, skill mastery, and purpose.

The faithful see Reylin as the Forgemaster, the creator of mortal metals, and the Sculptor of Numinith’s landscape as well as the human form. It was by the hammer of Reylin that Numinith appears as it does, and from his design, the world was formed.


Regular worship of Reylin is done mostly through offerings at Temples in the form of crafted works, labor, or accomplished tasks. These include leaving a crafted good to the Brotherhood for use or trade (which funds the Temple), working for the Temple in some form that benefits all members, and setting out to accomplish a noble goal that Reylin would approve of in his name. 

Some examples include: 

  • Working to construct a new building or to rebuild a part of the Temple
  • Offering a handcrafted item to the Temple
  • Setting out to hunt a vicious predator that has been attacking locals 

No matter how small the task, as long as a person is willing and attempting the offering with skill, labor, and intention, the Brotherhood recognizes most offerings as valid. Every week, regular followers of the Brotherhood provide an offering to Reylin. Remaining productive and effective is the primary goal for every member, for to fall into lethargy is a characteristic shared with denizens of the Void.

There are 5 key tenets of faith that all worshippers aspire to follow and live up to:

  • Create the tools and things you need from the land you have been gifted
  • Aspire for mastery over your craft
  • Respect the labors of others, for it is you who might benefit from it
  • To labor is to have a purpose; find purpose in your labors
  • Resist oppression by those who seek to free you of the life you are given

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