Dervishes of the High Plateau

Mysticism: Augment Endurance, Invoke Arrowcut, Invoke Denial (Food), Invoke Denial (Water), Invoke Indomitable, Invoke Life Sense, Enhance Fatigue, Enhance Healing Rate

Skills: Combat Style (Dervish), Endurance, Evade, Meditation, Mysticism (Path of the Dervish), Perception, Survival

Combat Style (Dervish) – Unarmed, Staff, Punch Daggers

The Dervishes of the High Plateau are a group of ancient mystics who train their bodies and minds to endure pain and overcome physical and mental punishment. 

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The Etralvi


  • Commerce
  • Conceal
  • Stealth
  • Influence
  • Locale
  • Gambling
  • Streetwise

“Etralvi” is a Sylvan word that roughly translates to “Dark Runner” or “Shade Runner”. The Etralvi are a gang of criminals that transport illegal goods and through a series of underground tunnels underneath the city of Bastion, called the Warrens.

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The Brotherhood of Reylin

The Brotherhood is a cult devoted to the worship and teachings of the God Reylin. Worshippers of Reylin value hard work, skill mastery, and purpose.

The faithful see Reylin as the Forgemaster, the creator of mortal metals, and the Sculptor of Numinith’s landscape as well as the human form. It was by the hammer of Reylin that Numinith appears as it does, and from his design, the world was formed.

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The Order of Ynera

From her hands the Spirit was born, and gifted to Hekata. As the Spirit was passed from one hand to the next, Ynera’s Hand a loving touch, and Hekata’s arms a warm embrace.

High Cleric Malthus, Phoenix’s 1st of the First Year


All Orders of the Temple of the Divine Trinity are governed by their own individual council of 5 known as the High Clerics. These High Clerics govern new methods of worship, commune with the Trinity, and organize the Orders to accomplish their main goal of ensuring that the balance between life and death remains intact. The High Clerics of each Order then delegate and promote others to various ranks and positions. The following are the titles available within the Order of Ynera, in descending order of rank:

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The Temple of the Divine Trinity

Known as the Saviors, the Trinity are openly worshiped throughout most of Numinith. They are worshiped together as the Trinity but also as individuals with a Sphere of Influence of their own.

The Temple of the Divine Trinity has many charters throughout Numinith, each attempting to spread the Temple’s message but more importantly, to pay homage to the Trinity for saving Mortals and the Elder Races during the War of the Heavens. The Temple performs rites and ceremonies throughout the year in coordination with its sub-chapters but overall steadies its focuses on the prevention of the return of the Old Ones, the Void entities that sought to dominate Numinith prior to the First Era.

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