Session Log: Sariniya’s Curse

Chapter 1: Sariniya’s Curse

Proxima, 18th of Reylin

After returning from the island of Iaxos, Karaias needed to deal with the task of letting her cousins and family know about Trimostones’ fate. His uninhibited drive to see this “curse” removed was the ultimate cause of his death, but Karaias could not help but wonder if it is true…

Shan and Spack, who were promised a payment of 300 Silver Mares for helping on the expedition, were told by Karaias to wait a day or two before requesting payment from Trimostones’ estate while she handled the matter of his demise. Funeral rites would need to be prepared, and additional explanations are undoubtedly needed.

While they waited, Shan and Spack decided to explore Bastion for a bit. The city was still quite new to them, and it’s bustling marketplaces and boroughs that blended into one another was quite different than what either of these Heldorians were accustomed to.

The City of Bastion

Shan decided to spend some time at a local orphanage. He had spotted the run down building in the east end of the city in the days before he set sail with Karaias to Iaxos, and told himself that he’d need to return to donate some of his wages to them. Their building was in desperate need of renovation, it seemed.

Spack, emboldened by his superstitions, decided to offer his brawn as a day laborer aboard a ship called, “The South Wind”. While he labored, he managed to convince his co-workers that payments to the Sea must be made in order to avoid misfortune. He tossed his payments into the sea, and regaled them with the tale of Trimostones’ death (without actually mentioning his name). This sent some worry through their heads, as perhaps this foreigner was right… maybe the Sea does require payment…

Trimostones’ Estate

After Karaias spoke with her father to tell him of his brother’s death, she bumped into an Eltralvi Kharan-Fey on her way back to Trimostones’ estate. The woman told her about some missing cargo that she was looking for. Karaias offered to help her find the crate in exchange for 10 Silver Mares.

Once at the estate, Karaias and her family discussed the funeral rites, which would be performed on Finis, 20th of Reylin. Payment was delivered to each of the adventurers by Eurastones, Trimostones’ son, in the amount of 300 Silver Mares.

Later that evening, the adventurers explored Trimostones’ study in an effort to find more information on this “curse”. The study was in a state of disarray, with books and scrolls cast across the various desks and over the floor itself. After some time, they discovered a couple of things:

  • Trimostones has assembled a family tree, with information on how a number of the died. Many met their fates in odd ways (choking on a fish, falling through a building floor, etc.), while a large portion of the others all met an abrupt end on their birthdays at the age of 65.
  • Spack discovered a tome detailing an island east of Heldor that is said to contain a forbidden treasure, protected by massive crustaceans and possibly an Elemental presence.

Next Session

  • Trimostones’ funeral rites
  • Locating the missing cargo crate for the Etralvi woman

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