Session Log: Sariniya’s Curse Ep. 2

Occasum, 19th of Reylin

On the morning of her uncle’s funeral, Karaias spends the early morning with Spack at the Bastion harbor looking for additional evidence about where the missing cargo crate may have gone. Their search leads them to a previously undiscovered entrance into the Warrens. They begin their descent into the spiraling cave system with torches in hand.

The Warrens

The tunnel has a gentle slope for quite some time, but has a slippery floor with all the moisture and water dripping down from the cavern walls. They push further into the darkness where the cavern then splits into three different directions. Karaias decides to invoke her Witchsight spell, and can see a faint visage of a being deep into the central tunnel. They move forward toward it.

The cramped tunnels abruptly lead into a large cavern with large boulders and stalagmites protruding from the ground, creating shadows across the cavern walls. A hanging moss covers most of the rocks and walls here. Spack grabs a chunk of the moss, smells it and tastes some of it. Disgusting. However, he notices that underneath the moss is a series of carved words written in a language that Karaias recognizes as Scale-Kin, although she is unable to read it.

Further into the cavern, they discover a lit campfire and a primitive camp. As they look throughout the camp, they discover a number of crates and cargo, likely stolen from the harbor. Spack finds a crate filled with glass-hash, exactly what Dirala was looking for. As Spack closes the lid back up, he turns around and notices a large reptilian Scale-Kin clad in primitive armor and weapons rushing toward him from the darkness.

The sound of hissing and footsteps fill the cavern from all around as more attackers convene upon them. Spack avoids being skewered by the Scale-Kin’s spear, while Karaias casts Fireblade and lights up her blade with a burning flame.

The battle is short lived, as a deafening hum permeates through the darkness. At the sound, the Scale-Kin retreat in all directions. The sound grows louder and louder. Spack grabs the crate and Karaias leads the way with her flame blade. As they are about to cross into the cramped tunnels back up, Karaias turns around and see s an unending dark mist flood toward them like a tidal wave. However, it is repelled right where they revealed the Scale-Kin carvings. The mist ebbs and flows, momentarily coming into the form of a humanoid being then shifting back into a mist. The haunting humming sound draws Karaias closer for just a second before she snaps out of it and retreats back up towards the surface.

Meeting with Dirala

After dropping off the crate back at Karaias’s family home, they head out to try and find Dirala, which takes them a bit of time. She tries to make herself a bit hard to find. But they manage to arrange a meeting with her at a local pub on the north-east side of Bastion, “The Argus”.

Sitting in an outdoor table, they discuss who took the cargo and how they were attacked just before a strange black mist forced the battle to end. Dirala seemed to have no clue what it might have been, but she is thankful for retrieving the cargo and pays her 15 Silver Mares. Dirala mentions how Karaias might be a good candidate for the Etralvi if she is interested, and offers to introduce her to some of her contacts in the coming weeks. They meet Dirala about an hour later at the harbor where they deliver the crate.

The Funeral

Trimostones’s funeral is held at his estate, and the pyre is lit to burn right as the sun sets beneath the coast line, as seen from his estate’s courtyard. As soon as the fire is set, his daughter Hermestone begins to sing (accompanied by a harp) the traditional Sudorite funeral rites song. It is a beautiful ceremony, and after the fire ends, the remains are covered with a wooden cover and the body is taken to be interred in the family mausoleum.

Karaias sheds a few tears, and vows to finish what Trimostones set out to do: end Sariniya’s curse.

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