Session Log: Sariniya’s Curse Ep. 2

Occasum, 19th of Reylin

On the morning of her uncle’s funeral, Karaias spends the early morning with Spack at the Bastion harbor looking for additional evidence about where the missing cargo crate may have gone. Their search leads them to a previously undiscovered entrance into the Warrens. They begin their descent into the spiraling cave system with torches in hand.

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The Etralvi


  • Commerce
  • Conceal
  • Stealth
  • Influence
  • Locale
  • Gambling
  • Streetwise

“Etralvi” is a Sylvan word that roughly translates to “Dark Runner” or “Shade Runner”. The Etralvi are a gang of criminals that transport illegal goods and through a series of underground tunnels underneath the city of Bastion, called the Warrens.

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The Frozen Pass

The Frozen Pass is a narrow gap between the Hayman Mountains that connects the frozen lands of Heldor to The Republic of Delmond. It is treacherous journey through the Pass, as rabid packs of were-beasts stalk the wilds in that area. Most folk looking to travel north or south often head toward the coast and travel by ship to avoid the dangers of this region.

Humans of Numinith

Humans are by the far the most populous sentient species on Numinith. They procreate quickly and in great numbers, are clever, aggressive, and powerful when organized.

Said to be descendents of the Mortal Spirit that Ynera created before the War of the Heavens, Humans have formed widly different cultures, societies, and values over the eras. Below are some of the larger Human civilizations and cultures, but many exist beyond these.

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