The Sylvan-Fey

Sylvan-Fey are a broad group of long lived mortals descended from the ancient Dryads. They are generally tall lithe bodied beings with skin ranging in color from a dark brown to pale white, although various other color ranges exist depending on the type of Sylvan-Fey. The most common Sylvan-Fey are:

  • Lifespan: 200 – 250 years
  • Average Height: 6 feet (2m)
  • Average Weight: 160 lbs

Base Characteristics for Sylvan-Fey

3d6 (11)3d6 (11)2d6+8 (15)3d6 (11)2d6+6 (13)2d6+6 (13)3d6 (11)

The Kharan-Fey are the common type of Sylvan-Fey in Numinith. They appear almost like Men, but have sharp pointed ears and are on average slightly taller but slimmer in build and typically less muscular.


The Ehlon-Fey retain a bit more of their ancestral form the then Kharan-Fey have. They are a bit taller than the Kharan-Fey and have skin colored in dark brown, green, and yellow range. Their ears are far more pointed and significantly longer. The Ehlon-Fey are less frequently found in cities of Men, but occasionally venture in out of necessity. Older Ehlon-Fey retain a very small portion of their connection with Ynera.


Human form, with thin bodies, typically taller than the races of Men.

Sylvan-Fey reproduce as Men do, but the gestation time is significantly longer. A female Sylvan-Fey remains pregnant for a length of 2 years and are not fertile until around the age of 40. Thus, Sylvan-Fey are significantly less numerous than Men throughout Numinith.

Infant Sylvan-Fey age at a rate similar to Men, and reach maturity around 16-19 years old. Once into adulthood, they age very slowly all the way up until their death. Upon death, their bodies tend to deteriorate much faster than Men.


Life Sense – In tune with the rhythms of nature, Sylvan-Fey can determine the vitality of any mortal creature by touch alone. If the Sylvan-Fey makes a successful Perception roll while touching another creature, they may determine the target’s current injuries and whether or not they are affected by a poison or disease. Sylvan-Fey are also able to detect life forms within their Willpower in meters with a successful Perception roll vs. Stealth of any in range.

Night Sight – (Ehlon-Fey Only) The Ehlon-Fey are able to treat partial darkness as illuminated and darkness as partial darkness as their eyes are accustomed to the darkness of their ancestral homes.

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