The Etralvi


  • Commerce
  • Conceal
  • Stealth
  • Influence
  • Locale
  • Gambling
  • Streetwise

“Etralvi” is a Sylvan word that roughly translates to “Dark Runner” or “Shade Runner”. The Etralvi are a gang of criminals that transport illegal goods and through a series of underground tunnels underneath the city of Bastion, called the Warrens.


The Etralvi were founded by a group of Kharan-Fey who were unable to get legitimate work on account of discrimination by the upper class of Sudorite society. They were charged extra taxes because of their Sylvan heritage, and were often forced into indentured servitude when they could not afford to pay their debts. The original Etralvi outfit were out to recruit Kharan-Fey within Bastion who were in dire need of assistance and offered them the opportunity to earn a fair wage, if out side of the scope of the law. For decades, the Etralvi were seen as revolutionaries by the local Kharan-Fey population, and were often touted with great respect by those who have benefited from their unified community.

Criminal Activity

Hundreds of years later, the Etralvi of today are not so particularly concerned with their Sylvan heritage, but more-so with profits and lucrative deals. The Etralvi accept all sorts into their fold, but maintain a secret language of symbols and gestures derived from old Kharan-Fey culture. They utilize a series of tunnels underneath the city of Bastion, known as the Warrens, to move illicit goods and to evade taxes.

The Etralvi profit enough off of their dealings that they often bribe Bastion guards to overlook some of their activity and to purposely delay the closure or even “forget” where a well-hidden entrance into the warrens is located.

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