The Temple of the Divine Trinity

Known as the Saviors, the Trinity are openly worshiped throughout most of Numinith. They are worshiped together as the Trinity but also as individuals with a Sphere of Influence of their own.

The Temple of the Divine Trinity has many charters throughout Numinith, each attempting to spread the Temple’s message but more importantly, to pay homage to the Trinity for saving Mortals and the Elder Races during the War of the Heavens. The Temple performs rites and ceremonies throughout the year in coordination with its sub-chapters but overall steadies its focuses on the prevention of the return of the Old Ones, the Void entities that sought to dominate Numinith prior to the First Era.


The Temple was formed in the first year following the War of the Heavens. The Elder Races and the Mortal Spirits built the Temple in honor of their saviors. This first temple’s location has been lost to the ages, but many more temples have been built since then throughout the known world.

The Temple loosely manages the Chapters devoted to the individual Saviors, often simply coordinating ceremonies. However, they do require that each of the Chapters provide awareness of the Old Ones to their followers. Many are doubtful of the Old Ones return, as their influence has not been seen on Numinith for thousands of years, while others doubt that the Trinity still remain.


Followers of the Temple and its faiths hold firmly that Numinith and it’s original denizens were created by the Trinity. It is said that the Trinity agreed to gift something to one another in respect for each other. Reylin, with his everlasting forge, heated and shaped Numinith’s continents and landscape and proudly forged a mortal shell out of clay and earth for which to serve as the basis of their gifts to one another.

Reylin gifted Ynera the Dryads. He took a piece of Ynera’s flesh and carved it into a form in her shape and carved the Earth Rune onto it’s exterior. The Dryads were born, and their connection to the Mother of Numinith imbued them with empathy for all that is natural.

Hekata gifted Reylin the Elementals. Channeled from Fire, Earth, Water and Air, their formless masses were imbued with energies that allowed them to move throughout Numinith’s vast expanses with ease.

Ynera gifted Hekata with the Mortal Spirit. Formed from the same Earth and Clay that made up the Elementals and Dryads, Ynera’s blessing turned the mass of clay into something vastly different. The Mortal Spirit could think for itself and ultimately return from Numinith back to Hekata.

They lived in harmony for a time that has come to be known as the Era of Harmony. In time however, turmoil would spoil that harmony. Out of the blackness of eternity, ancient beings descended upon the shining creation of the Trinity as if Numinith had been a blazing signal fire out in the darkness. The Old Ones had arrived from the Void.

The arrival of the Old Ones mutated, shifted, and corrupted a vast number of Elementals, Dryads, and Mortal Spirits into creatures of the Void, beginning the War of the Heavens which lasted for an untold age.

Eventually, the Old Ones were banished, but not without heavy losses. The Trinity had been wounded, and their energies grew thin. They decided to channel their energies to provide Mortals with an opportunity to defend themselves if their Spirits were strong enough. The remaining mortals were given tools and knowledge for which to prepare and arm themselves with. Reylin gifted them motivation, diligence, and determination along with creating Numinith’s metals and earthly minerals. Hekata gifted them the ability for Spiritual connection with all of Numinith in the form of Magical Study and the various Runes. Ynera gifted them the ability to reproduce and the ability to feel empathy to help them better each other in the coming ages.

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