Heldor is a a generally cold country situated on the continent of Brilanor, north of the The Republic of Delmond . It is governed not by a king, but by the communal leadership of the few dozen clans that have sufficient influence. Because of their fractured method of ruling, their appearance, and their culture, many consider Heldorians to be barbarians living a cold harsh land.

Heldorians are light skinned peoples with an enduring attitude to match their hardy constitutions. They are generally taller and larger than the Sudorites to the south, and often have red, blonde, or brown hair.

Culture: Barbarian

  • Fulks – the most common currency traded amongst Heldorians. They are crude silver coins minted by the various Heldorian Clans capable of such work. 100 Fulks is equal to 1 Dregl.
  • Dregl – Gold coins depicting the Heldorian banner with crossed axes. 2 Dregl has the same value as 1 Republic Gold Stallion.

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