The Order of Ynera

From her hands the Spirit was born, and gifted to Hekata. As the Spirit was passed from one hand to the next, Ynera’s Hand a loving touch, and Hekata’s arms a warm embrace.

High Cleric Malthus, Phoenix’s 1st of the First Year


All Orders of the Temple of the Divine Trinity are governed by their own individual council of 5 known as the High Clerics. These High Clerics govern new methods of worship, commune with the Trinity, and organize the Orders to accomplish their main goal of ensuring that the balance between life and death remains intact. The High Clerics of each Order then delegate and promote others to various ranks and positions. The following are the titles available within the Order of Ynera, in descending order of rank:

High Cleric of Ynera 

The High Clerics govern and organize the Order and are capable of communicating with Ynera directly. They do so in order to enlighten themselves and spread that knowledge onto the rest of their Order. They seek to bring the life and peace of Ynera to all of her children on Numinith. 

Sculptor of Ynera 

These devout few are given the title of Sculptor after being recognized for having sacrificed something for the benefit of the a community or group. This title is merely a name, as the ability to communicate directly with Ynera is something that only Ynera can grant. Through their heroic act of sacrifice, Ynera has offered these individuals the ability to call upon her to sculpt the world and to use her powers of creation and change to affect the physical world. Many Sculptors are capable of impossible feats such as creating vast quantities of food from just scraps, calling the rains, and changing the winds. 

Cleric of Ynera 

The Order of Ynera’s day to day operations are organized and run by Clerics, sometimes called Paladins. These devout followers can be found in temples and shrines throughout Numinith spreading the Faith, helping communities overcome hardship, and even exploring wilds in search for relics and new territories. There are many different types of Clerics within this rank, some are scholars, others are warriors, and some are local community leaders. Within this rank, there are some sub-ranks including, Priest, Paladin, Speaker, Healer, and many more. Although they focus on various aspects all related to bolstering life and knowledge of the physical world, they all are considered equal status. 

Initiate of the Order 

These make up the bulk of the members of the Order. They are locals who study and worship within Temples, aspiring to become Clerics. They are educated by Clerics, specializing in whatever they feel the community needs the most. Many remain initiates for decades before becoming a cleric, while others become Clerics in just a couple of years. 

Lay Member 

These people are not formally part of the Order, but they volunteer some time and resources into aiding the Order when they can. Many are devout farmers, laborers, and peasants, but some nobility and wealthier denizens also fall into this category. The Order considers any help, large or small, to be of equal value. They hold the ideal that a poor man with 5 silver pieces who donates 4 silver pieces gave more than a wealthy merchant who donated 50 silver pieces.


Worship for Ynera is typically done in one of two fashions. Most homes have a small candle and some type of depiction of Ynera within their homes, typically over the threshold or on a wall. They say their daily prayers at these small shrines. The more formal method of worship is to visit a shrine or settlement of any settlement, town, or city. It is tradition to construct a shrine or statue to Ynera at the center of every town or city. The monument is consecrated by a Cleric or Sculptor, and thus the land is cleansed and given good fortune. It is at these monuments that many citizens gather to hear Clerics speak and to make their daily prayers.


Initiates become Clerics when the Clerics who are teaching them deem them capable of speaking with Ynera. Once Ynera answers back to an Initiate, the Initiate must undergo a trial to show that Ynera has indeed favored them. These trials are specific to the individual and can be as quick as a few minutes to months, depending on what Ynera has envisioned for them. Once they pass their trial, an Initiate is made Cleric during a ceremony known as the Awakening, which typically occur during the Month of Ynera and the Month of Twilight.

Divine Powers

The Order using Theistic Magic in order to communicate with Ynera and ask for her assistance. Their divine ability to speak words directly to her offers them the ability to affect change in the physical world with only a few phrases, Ynera willing. 

Cult Theism Spells

Absorption, Bless Crops, Call Winds, Clear Skies, Cloud Call, Consecreate, Cure Malady, Cure Sense, Dismiss Elemental, Earthquake, Excommunicate, Extension, Fecundity, Growth, Heal Body, Heal Wound, Lay to Rest, Rejuvenate, Ripen, Steadfast, True Spear

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