The Republic of Delmond

Let this land be a symbol of liberty and peace, a bastion to the people and a sword to those who would take it from us.

Harmon Delmond


The Republic of Demond was formed on the 4th of Reylin, 2438 2E, near the end of the 2nd Era. After the plague of Were-Beasts from the North scattered the many tribes of Men from the region, Harmon Delmond led his people southward, escaping to what initially seemed greener pastures.
But despite the verdant valley, the lands were teeming with reptilian creatures only spoken of in myth. These creatures (now known as the Scale-Kin) attacked in an effort to repel the newcomers. Delmond knew he could not return north, so he militarized his people and waged a 2 year war against the Scale-Kin that would end in their removal from the land, pushing them southward into the swamps.
This victory marked the foundation of the Republic. For the next several hundred years, the Republic would grow to become one of the most successful societies of Men in all of Western Brilanor.


The Republic of Delmond stretches north to south along the Azure Coast of Brilanor. The largest cities within the Republic are Delmond and Bastion, with the capital being the city of Bastion. The Republic’s land can be roughly split into three regions:

Hayman Mountains

A hilly and mountainous region known for it’s natural mineral resources and the fastest land passage into the northern lands of Heldor. Thick with snow during the winter and blanketed with thick pine forests, this region is responsible for much of the Republics timber and iron. 

Verdant Plains

A lush grassland with sparse forests and rolling hills that give way to the Western Ocean on one side and the Barik Mountains to the east. Most of the major cities in the Republic lie within this region, including Delmond and Bastion. The weather is generally forgiving and the lush soil is ideal for vast farmland. However, far to the east of this region is untamed plains that is home to some wild predator beasts.

Saren’s Swamp

A large swamp fed by the choked river runoff of the Barik Mountains. The humidity in this region is caused by geothermal activity throughout the area. This region is home to a few small towns, but the large portion of the region is a region known to be home to a few tribes of Scale-Kin.

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