Humans of Numinith

Humans are by the far the most populous sentient species on Numinith. They procreate quickly and in great numbers, are clever, aggressive, and powerful when organized.

Said to be descendents of the Mortal Spirit that Ynera created before the War of the Heavens, Humans have formed widly different cultures, societies, and values over the eras. Below are some of the larger Human civilizations and cultures, but many exist beyond these.

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Base Human Characteristics


Sudorites are a group culturally distinct, but originating from the Heldorian peoples. They split from the Heldorians some time during the 2nd Era when Harmond Delmond led his followers south of Heldor and into uncharted lands to claim for themselves. It was Harmond Delmond and his original followers who drove the Lizardfolk and Ophidians out of the Azure Coast where the Republic of Delmond is now situated. Most Sudorites hail from the Republic of Delmond, but they may be found living in various villages and tribes in between Heldor and the Republic of Delmond

Sudorites are a members of the height of human civilization. They come from humble beginnings, but the Republic of Delmond is home to many metropolitan areas bustling with trade and commerce. Sudorites have a fondness for horses, and they generally worship Ynera and other minor entities within the spheres of home, family, and civilization.

Culture: Civilized


Heldorians are a tough and proud folk who live in the northern lands of Heldor, of which they are named after. They are generally a on the larger side of humans, and culturally prefer to live in smaller communities where rulers can directly be responsible for their constituents, contrary to Sudorites who have a fondness of bureaucracy. Despite their reluctance to form large cities, they are a powerful force that is fractured into many smaller holds and tribes that can overwhelm invading forces, especially in their cold frozen homeland where invaders are not prepared for the environment.

Heldorians generally worship Reylin above other gods, as they value craftsmanship, courage in battle, and a closeness with their fellow man.

Culture: Barbarian


Assadians are a dark skinned people from the deserts of Khar-Assad. Technically, there are two distinct groups, (the Khar-Assad and the Khar-Assar) but many not familiar with the intricacies of Assadian ways group them together.

The Assadian peoples are worshippers of the gods of time and magic, and generally worship Hekata. The major difference between the Khar-Assad and the Khar-Assar is the ways in which they practice their sorceries. The Khar-Assad focus primarily on using the Runes that Ynera provided to mortals, while the Khar-Assar rely on the the innate magical energies within themselves instead.

Khar-Assad Sorcery: Recover Magic Points slowly over time by meditating on the Runes and pages of their Spell Tomes. +1 Magic Point per day as long as they meditate and study the Runes of their choice for 1 hour each day.

Khar-Assar Sorcery: Recover Magic Points simply by nature of being in tune with their own ancient Mortal Spirit. +2 Magic Point per day automatically, but if a Khar-Assar Sorcerer is ever to run out of Magic Points, they immediately fall unconcious for 1 hour and cannot recover Magic Points for a number of days equal to 5 minus their Healing Rate.

Culture: Civilized

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